Custom Homes

Revel Ridge Signature Home Builders understands that building a custom home can be one of the most amazing projects you will ever be involved in in life; however, on the contrary we understand it can be one of the worst if you choose the wrong contractor. That is why we at Revel Ridge have dedicated ourselves to be their for you during the process. We have done many amazing custom homes and are continually moving forward with more and more projects. People are learning in Simcoe County, and surrounding area that we are contractors that can be trusted and are very good at what we do.

Revel Ridge Signature Home Builders does specialize in one type of work, and that is the modern rustic appearance of today. We understand the trending styles in homes and always work to stay a few steps ahead of the competition on modern style. Check out our portfolio for some examples of our excellent craftsmanship. (This style is not solely what we do, but what we largely like to specialize in!)

At Revel Ridge Signature Home Builders, we do build customized standard homes; however, we also specialize in extravagant elegant homes as well. Your dream is our inspiration!

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Frontier Contracting has a team capable of putting together architectural drawings and creating 3D designs of your homes landscape, interior, and exterior.

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Through our commitment of design, we can achieve and provide the essentials of building your new home.

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Managing all project aspects so your mind can be at ease.

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