Through our commitment of design, we can achieve and provide the essentials of building your new home from the first steps of the initial planning and design making process to making all the endless selections to create the perfect atmosphere and comfort of your new customized home.

Lot Selection

A very important part of the building process is selecting the right lot. You really cannot effectively start the home design process until a lot has been selected.The lot dictates the orientation of the home, window placement, floor plan and limits the style of home based on whether the lot is flat or sloped to the front or back. Frontier Contracting will assist in finding the appropriate lot to meet your desired wishes and lifestyle. We will also assist in assessing if there are any concerns with a lot that you may already be interested in.


Plan the look and feel of your decor with Frontier Contracting. We will help you find counter tops, chairs, tables, art work and so much more that will compliment your home and portray your personality.