Reasons you should finish your basement.

1. It's a great place for your kids or grandkids. Are you tired of trying to find a place to send your kids to play? Are you tired of trying to do things while at the same time trying to keep your kids quiet? Basements can bring a huge benefit for both parents and kids alike. Kids love having a big open area where they can run around, scream, and have fun. Parents love having an area where they can send their kids to run around, scream, and have fun without having to work around them. Basements provide the perfect remedy for both kids and parents. Kids can have fun, and parents can relax upstairs knowing their kids are safe and having fun.

2. Perhaps you don't have kids but you are looking for an area where you can kick up your feet or have some friends over for a relaxing, but fun evening. Basements can provide the perfect space for a pool table, custom bar, or a home theatre. Well over 60% of basements have the potential to be turned into something that will WOW your friends. Basements can bring a lot of personal enjoyment as well as in some cases double the size of your home.

3. Ever consider a rental unit? Everybody knows that you don't get rich by going to work every day and saving a few pennies every month. How you become rich is through investments. Millions of Canadians rely on rental units as investments/income. The average Canadian pays approximately 250,000$ on their rental unit but you could own a rental unit for under 75,000$! This would include sound proofing your floor, adding a separate entrance, adding a kitchen, and a separate laundry room! Think of the investment. Not only do you now have a rental unit and people essentially paying your mortgage, but your resale value of your home is going to skyrocket! Is there any reason not to finish your basement?

4. It's an investment! No matter what way you look at it finishing a basement is an investment. Whether you want to finish the basement for your kids, for your own enjoyment, or for a rental unit you will always get your money back! Thousands of Canadians sell their home without a finished basement and this greatly reduces the sale value and appeal. By simply spending the money to finish your basement your life will become easier and more enjoyable. Don't waste the investment sitting directly below your feet! Contact Frontier Contracting today and invest your money in somewhere where you are guaranteed to get it back.

Written by Connor McSwiggan